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I am so happy you have stopped by, take a little time to look around and please get in touch if you have any further questions.

As you'll notice, I approach my job quite differently to other Brand Photographers. The process I guide you through, which starts with a consultation I call Map your Brand, is a combination of self-reflection, coaching and of course photography. This can be a 1 hour consult through to a series of 6 or more sessions, depending on where you are in your business. The aim for all is to create a library of images that encourage your business to fit in with your lifestyle and dreams. My approach is client centered, its all about you and what you need to communicate your business visually. 

I believe that telling your story, showing who you are builds a trust with your clients and gives them a reason to want to work with you. It allows them know how awesome you are and how much they'll enjoy working with you, as well as the solution you will provide for them! 

I predominantly work with small to medium business owners who are wanting to create a unique image library that showcases their Why, Their Point of difference, The reason they love what they do. 

I also believe that for your business to be successful it needs to be built around you, your lifestyle and your needs. Not everyone has the same goals, not everyone is looking for the same client, not everyone measures success the same way so it is through self-reflection and coaching that we will know what you want your business to look like. 

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, give me a call and we'll see if its time to catch up over a coffee, Map your Brand and see what fabulous ideas we can come up with to Showcase your brand means business. 

Recent Sessions


Map Your Brand Consultations

Map your Brand Consultations are held in person or over Skype.

In the consultation you can expect me to ask lots of questions about you, your business, your staff and your ideal clients.

You can expect to leave excited knowing that we have a good plan on how to capture images that will showcase your brand and attract your target market.

You will have a report so that you can share it with other professionals who will also be part of your marketing plan, so that everyone is on the same page and your Brand is represented consistently.

More info can be found here 

The cost of the consultation is credited to your Brand Photography Photoshoot when booked on the day of the consultation.

$950 – $1900

Brand Photography Session

A Brand Photo shoot, either half day or full day always follow a Map Your Brand Session. This way we get to plan and prepare for the best possible outcome. It is not unusual for me to start "Mapping the Brand" up to three months prior to the shoot. 

During the Map your Brand session we will determine if you need a Full Day or Half Day shoot. Generally half day shoots cover one to two locations, and up to 4 staff members, perhaps the studio and some lifestyle. Where in a full day shoot we can do multiple locations. We can also capture the whole team! Even some products if you have them. 

These shoots are designed so we can capture the professional and the personal side of you and your team. The aim is to capture images for you to use throughout the whole year across all your marketing. The average full day shoot finished with a library of around 300 - 400 images. 


Profile Package Five Portraits

A profile package is designed for the sole business person who is perhaps just starting out, or doesnt' have the time to do a complete branding session at the moment. 

These sessions are held in one location, perhaps a few different outfits, and the outcome is to capture 5 gorgeous portraits for you to use as profile images.

It is always amazing the range of images you can capture in one location and of course we can still capture the Professional and the personal side of you, so you still have portraits that suit a range of occassions. From a book cover to a membership profile image or perhaps you just want to work on getting your LinkedIn up to date for now.